• Kalki the Saviour

    Forgotten Kalki

    Kalki the Saviour

    A tale of two friends that are interconnected to each other in their past lives will come together to decode a secret that has been known to very few from millions of years.



Mahabali was a demon king (Asura) assumed to be of 7th treta yuga of vaivasvara manvantra and was the grandson of Prahalad. He was religious and also a good king.


Was devotee of Lord Rama and Mata Sita. Assumed to be of 24th treta yuga of vaivasvara manvantra and he helped Lord Rama in the battle with Ravana. Lord Rama and Mata Sita loved Hanuman like their son. Hanuman was awarded immortality to help and save devotees in Kaliyuga. We can find presence of Lord hanuman in various ancients texts which happened after Ramayana.

lord hanuman


(The son of Guru Drona and avatar of one of the eleven rudras). Assumed to be of 28th dwapara yuga of vaivasvara manvantra. He fought from Kaurava’s side in the war of Mahabharat. He was the last known survivor of Kurukshetra war.


28th Dwapara Yuga of Vaivasvara Manvantra.The son of Rishi Parashar and fisherwoman satyavati. He is known to be brahma avatar (one having knowledge equal to Lord Brahma) and expansion of Lord Vishnu who was born in Dwapar Yuga to convert all the vedic knowledge from spoken to written form.

rishi ved vyas


(Real brother of King Ravana) who helped Lord Rama in the battle against Demon Ravana. Assumed to be of 24th treta yuga of vaivasvara manvantra. Ravana abducted Lord Rama’s wife mata Sita and Vibhishan was against this act.


(Sixth avatar of Lord Vishnu and son of Renuka and one of the saptarishis named Jamadagni). Assumed to be of 19th treta yuga of vaivasvara manvantra and he received an axe after worshiping Lord Shiva and Shiva also taught him Kalaripayattu (which is the mother of all martial arts). Parshuram conquered the entire world from Kshatriyas 21 times.

rishi kripacharya


Son of Shardwana and Janapadi) Kripacharya was the royal teacher of the Pandavas and kauravas in Mahabharata. Assumed to be of 28th dwapara yuga of vaivasvara manvantra. He was awarded with immortality because of his impartial behavior towards his students

Mahabharat - Pratishodh Ki Mahaghatha


Therecould be no comparison to the divine power that our ancestors possessed. So many tales are incomplete, and so many are on their way to get complete. Many of us don’t understand what our life has for us, our purpose, and where it is leading us. It’s okay to fail sometimes. It’s fine to lose yourself in the process, but what’s not fine is giving up on realizing your purpose.

Anvesh had been lost ever since his parent’s sudden demise put him into depression, sadness, and remorse. He couldn’t understand why things happened, and it was heartbreaking. For uncountable days he remained in distress, and to make things worse, his life put him into more trouble when he started getting unbearable nightmares. The kind of dreams that had no sense with the real-life, but they were vivid. Every time Anvesh fell asleep, the nightmares or dreams made their way into his mind. A time came when Anvesh decided. He made his mind to do anything and everything in his will to get rid of those dreams and to not fall asleep. At least that was his plan. But in reality, it was far away to execute in actions. And it didn’t take much time for him to realize it except relying on pills he had no choice.

Anvesh knew that those dreams were not ordinary; they had some meanings associated with either his past life or something he wasn’t aware of. Anvesh wanted to find the answers, but at the same time, he was afraid of not watching those dreams. But how long will Anvesh continue ignoring the fact that he is no ordinary man but a divine avatar?

Forgotten Kalki

The prophecy that’s been declared a thousand years ago is now going to complete in the modern 21st century. Will Anvesh be bold enough to learn his true identity? Or will he lose his mind in the chaos of those dreams and end up ending his life?

We will have to see what lies in Anvesh fate. Is he an ordinary man or someone who can change the kalyug? Find out by exploring the upcoming chapters.

" नात बुरयुय न चायुय भावना।
न चाभावयतः शातरशातय कुतः सुखम्॥"
For the unsteady there is no wisdom, and there is no meditation for the unsteady man.
And for an un-meditated man, there is no peace. How can there be happiness for one without peace?
Thousands years ago
Conversation between Lord Krishna and Abhimanyu

13th day of Kurukshetra war!!!

Kauravas devised a plan to capture Yudhishthira by forming Chakravyuha while Arjuna and Krishna were purposefully drawn into a separate battle with the Samsaptakas. Abhimanyu knew how to break the formation and go inside the chakravyuha but did not know how to break out of it. He voluntarily entered the Chakravyuha in order to save Yudhishthira.

Helpless and not knowing how to control the ‘moving death’ – Abhimanyu, Karna went to Dronacharya for advice. Drona deciphered Abhimanyu as an incarnation of the God of war, Rudra. He explained that Abhimanyu would slay them all by the time they plan to kill him. Thus, the illicit strategy to kill Abhimanyu was chalked. Duryodhana, Karna, Drona, Kripacharya, Aswatthama and others circumambulated & attacked Abhimanyu.

Abhimanyu was undaunted by the combined attack. Karna followed Dronacharya’s advice and shattered Abhimanyu’s bow by firing arrows from behind him after getting continually frustrated in attempts to pierce Abhimanyu’s armour. Countless failures made them furious and hence targeted Abhimanyu’s chariot and charioteer instead of Abhimanyu. However, it did not shatter the lion-heart to pieces, to their perplexity. But instead, he grasped a sword and shielded himself with the wheel of the broken chariot. He fought valiantly with the help of the sword and the broken wheel. Still breaking the rules of war, Drona broke Abhimanyu’s sword with his arrow followed by breaking the chariot wheel which he used to shield himself. It was in this vulnerable position. The Kauravas finally managed to ambush Abhimanyu to death. He fell on the ground in unison with the Sun falling behind the horizon. That was the start of the day where all the so called rules of the war were broken on a large scale.

Forgotten Kalki
The conversation between Abhimanyu and Sri Krishna

After the tragic death of Abhimanyu in Kurukshetra war and somewhere in distant universe Abhimanyu asks Krishna, “I was grown up under your guidance. You are the one who taught me the art of warfare. I always fought as per dharma, and even in this war, stood for the sake of dharma. Why is it that after all I have done, got this merciless death in return?”

Krishna seems calm. He smiles and says, “I understand it’s you, who fought alone valiantly for Pandavas and I also know that it is not a kind of death you deserve. It all depends on your previous karma and deeds which reflect in your present birth. In our next birth, it will be you, who will be helping me to realize who I am and fight against the evil forces to restore the dharma again”.

Abhimanyu goes in silence for some time. He looks deep in thoughts but then asks, “How will that happen? You are an incarnation of God yourself, and why do you need help from someone for your avatar?”.

Krishna smile again, “Even though I am a God, I will have to abide by the rules of the earth once I take an avatar. I will be born as a normal human and fight like a human. So, you will be one of the people who will always stay along with me in my thick and thin. You will be the one who’ll guide me towards the path of my destination”.

Abhimanyu seem confused, “Who all will help you in your next avatar and how the next yuga will be?

Forgotten Kalki

Krishna replied, “Abhimanyu, the coming yuga is "KALI YUGA". When my avatar is ended on this earth, kali yuga will start”, Krishna has a serious look on his face.

He continues, “Kali is described as a brownish-skinned demon with a dog-like face, protruding fangs, pointed ears, long green bushy hair and wearing a red loincloth and golden jewelry.

In that yuga, adharma will prevail. People will stop believing in God and will follow the path of adharma. Sin will increase exponentially, while virtue will fade and cease to flourish. People will become addicted to intoxicating drinks and drugs. It is also believed that Duryodhana is an incarnation of Kali. So the upcoming yuga will be very powerful, and many avatars and some unsung heroes of this great Kurukshetra war will assist me.

Forgotten Kalki

Before kali yuga, my Dwaraka city will get submerged into the water. I have already planned my next avatar. I have prepared a scroll in which the secrets of my avatar are already written. People will think that I will be born in Shambala, but it is not true. My transformation into Kalki avatar happens there actually. In that secret scroll will be written the secret communication between me and the "Saptha Chiranjeevis". In my every avatar I am selecting a Chiranjeevi who will assist me in kali yuga to fight against Demon Kali.

The box of secret scroll is designed in such a way that all my avatars are already inscribed on it. Once I touch the box in my next avatar, a secret sign of my next avatar is also inscribed on it, and it will get activated. It is also designed by Vishwakarma in such a way that only when my reflection appears on the box will that box opens otherwise the box gets destroyed on its own, and the secret scroll in it will be lost forever. Even though my city is submerged underwater, my palace will be intact, and even my chamber will be safe. Once entering the chamber, there will be the idol of the ultimate god whom I will be praying and near that idol will be the box and mudra of mine with my flute inscribed on it.

Astonished by listening to all these secrets at once, Abhimanyu's heart is filled with both surprise and a feel of pride for being participating in a great war along with Vishnu himself, “I will be eagerly waiting for your next avatar so that I can be along with you and fight against evil forces”.

18th day of Kurukshetra war!!

Lord Krishna took five Pandavas to another side of the camp instead of resting in their camp. In the late-night, the three commanders as per Duryodhana's wish attacked the camps of Pandava's. Kripacharaya and Kritavarma waited at the gates killing everyone who came out from camps, while Aswatthama went inside assaulting each and every single sleeping person in the camps. As Ashwatthama was searching for Pandavas, he saw Drishtadhyumna, who was born on a purpose to kill Dronacharya and got enraged. He attacked still half slept Drishtadhyumna mercilessly and killed him instantly. Later on, he also killed five sons of Draupadi who too were sleeping, mistaking them to be Pandavas.

When Pandavas came to know about the heinous deed performed by Ashwatthama, they went in search of him. Frightened by the sight of Pandavas, he picked a blade of grass, invoked Brahmshira Astra in it a fired aiming all the Pandavas by saying "Let all the Pandavas be destroyed", it is an Astra said to have been four times as powerful as Brahmastra. Arjuna also countered this, firing Brahmshira Astra thus the two celestial weapons were colliding again and again, wreaking havoc on whole planetary systems. Eyeing the eminent destruction sage Narada and sage Vyasa came and stood in between the astras. Later both the warriors were asked to recall their astras. Arjuna recalled his Astra but Ashwatthama didn't know the recalling process.

So Ashwatthama diverted the Astra towardsthe yet-to-be-born child in Uttara's womb thereby trying to end the clan of Pandavas. Krishna, after bringing back the yet-to-be-born child to life has cursed ashwathama by taking the gem on his forehead. Until the end of this maha yuga, he will roam in the forests with blood and pus oozing out of his injuries and cry for death. The power which the gem contained and made him invincible is removed and made him powerless immortal

Forgotten Kalki

But there is an unknown secret that is known only to Vedavyasa, Ashwatthama and Krishna. The curse is to clear Ashwatthama from his deeds he has performed in this birth so that once the Kaliyug is at its end, Vishnu to take up the Kalki Avatar even Ashwatthama is needed and his “syron-rathna” is also parted from him as a part of the plan and is hidden away before the arrival of Kali as a secret weapon of Kalki Avatar

न कमणामनाराैकयपुषोऽुते।
न च संयसनादेव स समधगत॥

No man can attain freedom from activity by refraining from action; nor can he reach perfection by merely refusing to act.