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Main Character


1. Anvesh

An archaeologist with a disturbing trauma of recurring dreams since childhood. He is interested in Indian mythology (history) from childhood. After his parent’s death many things were left for him to solve involving his annoying dreams as well. What are those dreams? Does it have any connection with his parent’s unexpected death?

2. Abhi

A tech geek who lives in his own world of computers. He has a great interest in solving the unsolved mysteries. He is working on his dream projects. Find out how these projects are related to his life and his entire existence.


3. Lakshmi

An archaeologist who is specialist in carbon dating field. Bike rider, stylish but traditional by nature.

4. Maya

A kind of totally trusted sub-ordinate of Arjun (Abhi’s father). She is entrusted with even some facts which Arjun didn’t even share with his son. Her part in the story is also a key role along with Abhi.

anvesh parantes

5. Anvesh parents

Famous historians who have done excellent work in their field and who had unearthed one of the biggest secrets of mankind in the story. Their discovery died the moment they vanished.

6. SK

An industrialist and an angel investor. He will be the one who will be keeping trust and funding Abhi for his dream projects. But his real plan for funding is to be revealed in the story and is just opposite.

abhi father

7. Abhi's Father

An intelligence officer and a very close friend of Vishnu (Anvesh’s father). He is the one who keeps an eye on them though indirectly, through which he will come to know what really happened to Anvesh’s parents when they suddenly went missing.

8. Arduno

One of the personal projects of Abhi. This is a kind of advanced robot designed for a special reason with very very special characteristics. The part played by the bot is a very interesting read.