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The Ashwini Kumaras

The Aƛvins or Ashwini Kumaras are twin Vedic lords of medication in Hindu mythology. Related with the first light, they are portrayed as young celestial twin horsemen in the Rigveda. They move in a chariot drawn by ponies that are rarely exhausted. Both are known for saving individuals and helping them in different circumstances. The Ashwini Kumaras are frequently connected with safeguarding humans and resurrecting them. The Rigveda likewise portrays the Kumaras to bring light, as they gave light-bringing help.
There is the narrative of Rishi Dadichi who imparted the mystery of Vedic legend to the Ashwini twins. Indra had prohibited him from sharing the insider facts and had proclaimed that on the off chance that he ever shared the mystery, his head would blast into 1,000 pieces. At the point when the twin divine beings initially moved toward Dadichi, anxious to become familiar with the mystery, Dadichi informed them regarding the revile. The twins found an exit plan; they cut the head of Daidichi and supplanted it with the pony's head. Through the pony's head, Dadichi uncovered the mystery of Vedic legend. When the disclosure was finished, the pony head burst into 1,000 pieces accordingly satisfying Indra's revile. The Ashwini twins at that point appended the wise's unique head and Dadichi returned to life. They used the art of Madhuvidya to grant him a new life. The Honey doctrine was only known to Indra, as Dadichi granted the knowledge. After the Ashwinis learnt it from the sage, they used the same to resurrect him. Hence the Vedic legend was sent, Indra's revile was kept, nobody was hurt — aside from one pony.

As indicated by the Vedic conviction, Jupiter, the planetary force, had given them a celestial diamond with which the Ashvini Kumaras secured the yields. They are the doctor of the divinities, who assuage them from infections, give them their sight and energy to their powerless bodies. By their extraordinary endeavors, Ashwini kumara in the long run picked up skill in clinical science and got popular as the doctors of the devtas (divinities). Both achieved their most noteworthy popularity since they allowed virility to Sage Chyavan. Chyavan was one of the Rigveda’s Sages with extraordinary enchanted information. The chariot of the Ashwini Kumaras is over and over referenced in the Rigveda. Their chariot has three chariot-pulpits, three axles, three turnings, and three-wheel edges. The accentuation on the number 3 is represented in the penance with its three soma pressings. The chariot is pulled by bulls, bison, ponies, feathered creatures, geese, and hawks. It permits the Kumaras to be fast and portable and travel to various spots, which is important to satisfy their part of protecting individuals.
From the hours of the Mahabharata, the two siblings Nakul and Sahadev out of the five Pandavas destined to Madri are supposed to be the children of the Ashvini Kumaras. As indicated by the Ramayana, Ashvinidev were the dads of the monkeys Dvivida and Mainda. They are additionally the siblings of twins Yama and Yami, the Gods of Death, who were offspring of Suryadev and Chhaya, the shadow-type of Samjna.