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1 year ago

Ashwatthama-28th dwapara yuga of vaivasvata manvantra

Ashwatthama  (The son of Guru Drona and avatar of one of the eleven rudras). He fought from Kaurava’s side in the war of Mahabharat. He was the last known survivor of the Kurukshetra war. He has performed a heinous act by using Brahmastra towards the womb of Uttara to kill the unborn child of Abhimanyu thus making sure there will no heir for Pandava family. Therefore Lord Krishna cursed him to live as immortal and took away the gem on his forehead which is a secret of his power, with no accommodation and hospitality and oozing puss and blood from his wounds and to roam in the forests and crying for the death which will not reach him until the end of this yuga.

The hidden reason behind Ashwatthama being immortal is that he is one of the avatars of shiva and have a gem on his head which is equal to the power of shiva's third eye. This gem has the power to protect the bearer from almost everything.

Secret scroll of Rasayana Shastra: This book deals with alchemy and transmutation of metals. According to another legend, in times of severe drought, temples and religious relief organizations received large quantities of gold from “ a secret source.”- Ashwathama