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1 year ago

Anvesh and the Lost Dwarka

#FogottenKalki brings to you, an exciting journey to the submerged world of Dwarka. The city is believed to be submerged in the sea, some 5000 years ago. Anvesh, a highly enthusiastic guy, with his artificially intelligent Bot “Adruno”, launches a campaign to find the hidden treasures of the lost city. While he observes the ruins of the sunken city from the ship, through a high definition camera installed with Adruno.
His curiosity kept on increasing when he saw a palace on the screen. The Bot entered the palace where everything was so much perfect as if it was still being managed. Adruno moved further and found a chest in front of the statue of Goddess. He could not hold his senses when Adruno opened the chest and found a secret Scroll in it.