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-Mythical kingdom assumed to be the place where kalki avatar will be born

Description of Shambhala:

It is believed that the kingdom of Shambhala is shaped like a gigantic eight-petaled lotus. Around the outside perimeter of the lotus is a circular range of lofty, snow-covered mountains. Between the eight petals of the lotus are eight lower mountain ranges along which flow the rivers of Shambhala. The centre of Shambhala, the seed vessel of the lotus, is surrounded by a pericarp constituting of a lower range of snow mountains Within this inner ring of mountains, slightly elevated above the petals of the lotus, sits Kapala, the capital of Shambhala, measuring twelve leagues in breadth. Kapala is occupied with magnificent palaces constructed with precious metals and gems: gold, silver, emeralds, pearls, turquoise, coral, and so forth. Mirrors on the outsides of the palaces blaze with light, and crystal skylights in their ceilings allow the inhabitants to view the entire zodiac and the gods of the sun, moon, other celestial spheres. Traditional Tibetan sources give a sumptuous description of the biggest palace, the King of Shambhala’s residence:

The palace - is square and has four doors. Along a coral ledge around the outer walls are dancing goddesses. It is nine stories and is crowned at the top with a banner and a wheel of Dharma with a male and female deer on either side. There are three rings encircling the palace, making it especially beautiful. It also has a molding of liquid Jambu gold, as well as full and half-hanging ornaments of pearls and diamonds. At the top of the outer walls are hanging pendants of silver and protruding lintels of turquoise. Its windows are of lapis lazuli. The doors and lintels above are of emeralds and sapphires. It has golden awnings and banners, and a roof of jewels and heat-producing crystal, while its floor is of cold-producing crystal. Its pillars and beams are of zebra-stones, corals, pearls, and so forth. It also has many other priceless treasures such as the inexhaustible treasure vase, the wish-fulfilling cow, the unsown harvest, and the wish-granting tree.